The NJS-approved parts bible.

Known by few and possessed by even fewer, this is our copy of the Parts guide published by the JKA. It provides Japanese professional keirin racers, parts manufacturers, frame builders and mechanics with a complete reference guide to what parts can be used in keirin racing in Japan. These parts are often referred to as ‘NJS approved’, ‘NJS stamped’ or ‘Keirin approved’ parts.

Over the coming months, we will be uploading scans of the various pages in this “NJS Bible” to give you some insight and information on some of the finest track components ever made. If a bicycle component is, or was ever approved, it will appear in this bible.

Stay tuned readers!


3 thoughts on “The NJS-approved parts bible.

  1. Please tell me there is a SSP headset in there somewhere, like HS-300 or something? Its the only missing part to my otherwise complete NJS SSP groupset (yes, I do have the bottom bracket).


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