Panasonic Custom Order Track Frames

Panasonic makes a variety of made to order frames and bicycles right here in Osaka Japan. Everything from NJS-approved Track bicycles to Titanium road bicycles. For Track Frames the lead time on frames is roughly one month and the initial deposit of 100,000 JPY is the first step in ordering.

The frames are all made right here in Osaka at Panasonic’s factory.  First you must select which model, size and, finish you’d like. Then, once those have been determined, the final cost of the frame can be determined. Once the frame has been completed and is ready for shipment, if there is an outstanding balance, it can be paid and the frame (plus any parts) can be shipped.

Track Frame Models

There are two options as far as Track Frames are concerned.

The First option is the NJS certified FPC08 model. It is built with NJS approved double butted Cromoly tubing and Lost wax lugs. The lugs are original Panasonic items and the tubing is custom spec’d and made for Panasonic by Tange. 



Here is the geometry chart:

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 17.41.43

The other option is the FPC18 which is ready for brakes and has just slightly more clearanced geometry for use primarily on the streets. This frame does not have the NJS stamp as brake holes are not allowed in Japanese keirin racing, but the builder and materials are the same!



Here is the geometry chart:

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 17.46.43

Here are the paint options (Left side of each color sample below shows a gloss finish while the right side shows the matte finish):

Aurora color: +18360 JPY

  • OS-PV – Purple x Blue
  • OS-RK – Red x Orange
  • OS-GG – Green x Green

Rainbow color: +25920 JPY

  • RS-F1 – RS White
  • RS-B1 – RS Black

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 13.16.50

Pearl Color: +included in frame price

  • 1C-F3 – Pearl White
  • 1C-V7 – Ocean Blue
  • 1C-G6 – Pea Green
  • 1C-M4 – Wild Rose
  • 1C-P3 – Wild Violet
  • 1C-Y3 – Yellow Butterfly
  • 1C-P4 – Black Cherry

Sparkle Metallic Color:included in frame price

  • 1C-S3 – SM Silver
  • 1C-Y4 – SM Gold
  • 1C-V8 – SM Deep Blue
  • 1C-V9 – SM Blue
  • 1C-P5 – SM Purple
  • 1C-T2 – SM Brown
  • 1C-G7 – SM Green 
  • 1C-G8 – SM Deep Green
  • Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 13.16.23

Solid Color:included in frame price

  • 1C-F1 – White
  • 1C-N1 – Dark Grey
  • 1C-B1 – Black
  • 1C-V1 – Blue
  • 1C-R5 – Red
  • 1C-K3 – Orange
  • 1C-G4 – Green

Classic Pale Color: included in frame price

  • 1C-V6 – CP Blue
  • 1C-G5 – CP Green 
  • 1C-M3 – CP Pink
  • 1C-P2 – CP Violet
  • 1C-Y2 – CP Yellow
  • Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 13.16.04

Also, for the famous Panasonic Team racing design the cost would be +8640 JPY


The graphic below explains that Panasonic uses seven layers of primer, paint and clear coat applied by hand for a beautiful finish and the best possible protection against scratches and UV damage.


You can also choose to have your name or something meaningful applied to the top tube and the color choices for this sticker are black or white. We can even help you translate your name or message to Japanese kanji or katakana characters via email.

The sticker will be applied to the left side of the top tube just near the seat tube as in the photo below of the gold frame (Matsushita is the name of the family who started Panasonic), and you can see the font choices below: L M O P and Q options.


Finally you have the choice of black, white, gold or silver Panasonic logo decals on the downtube, as below…


If there are any further questions, please feel free to ask at

2 thoughts on “Panasonic Custom Order Track Frames

  1. The Panasonic website list the wearable tire size as 700 × 23C. I would be buying a 63 cm, so I will run a larger tire. What is the max? Thanks.


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