NJS Bottom Brackets Breakdown

Sugino 75 Bottom Brackets are one of the two NJS approved offerings from Sugino. The other is a Sugino 75 Super Lap and the main difference is that the Super Lap has mirror polished ball races. Both are ISO square taper and have 109mm symmetrical axles. Sugino also makes the Super Ceramic BB and the newly released CBB-SG75 but neither of these are NJS approved.

The R9400 is the NJS offering from Hatta and has mirror polished bearing races. It has a 109mm axle and is ISO square tapered.



As far as Octalink Bottom brackets, there are two NJS approved options. The Shimano BB-7710 is the sealed bearing bottom bracker while the Shimano BB-7700 is open bearing and adjustable for how loose (fast) or tight (slow) you want the bearings to spin. The 7710 is a great choice for daily riders whose bicycles see street use due to sealed bearings requiring little to no maintenance. The 7700 has the edge on the track since the bearings can be adjusted for tightness. Here are some comparison photos of the two.

BB-7710 (Left) and BB-7700 (Right)


BB-7700 Bearingsshimano_dura_ace_bb7700_bb7710_track_keirin_njs_bottom_bracket_06

BB-7700 in pieces


BB-7710 Cup


BB-7710 Sealed bearing




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